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On-guard 3H (By Solenis)

Specialty Chemicals & Technologies/ Solenis

Features and Capabilities:

⦁ Patented Ultrasonic Technology that works independent of the chemical to be used
⦁ Detects and Accurately measures Scale thickness up to microns.
⦁ Can differentiate between Biofouling and Scale in the system.
⦁ Mimic the Condenser Tubes operation by adjusting the skin Temperature and the water flow (Rynolds number) to predict any potential problems upfront.
⦁ Communicate with end user directly emails and visible via internet independently.


Best Benefits of using On-guard 3H:

⦁ Reduce you water consumption by increasing the COC to the safest highest possible value (educated decision rather than software and predicting)
⦁ Reduce chemical consumption by reducing the dosage to the minimum that guarantee the same stable trend of Scale thickness over time.
⦁ Reduce cleaning and maintenance cost of chiller tubes as this device helps to predict when the problem starts and Alarms the user in order to take the right decision.

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Specialty Chemicals & Technologies/ Solenis

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