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Rio Zuni (ClorTec SD)

Onsite Chlorine Generator/ Denora (Miox)

This compact, easy to install and operate on-site chemical generator is designed for minimal maintenance and ultimate simplicity.
The RIO Zuni features less than 3 maintenance hours in 6 months, an extremely small footprint, can handle a higher water hardness with minimal conditioning, and has an optional integrated brine tank and remote monitoring capabilities.
Just load with salt and let the RIO Zuni do the dirty work for you!

⦁ Provide up to 30 gallons per day (110 liters per day) of ready-to-use disinfectant
⦁ Can be used full-strength or diluted depending on the bacteria or virus of concern
⦁ Fill spray bottles, mop buckets or other containers to use anywhere you need disinfection

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Onsite Chlorine Generator/ Denora (Miox)

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